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English - Fort Wayne

When writing papers for your English classes, you will need to find good, reliable information. Searching for books in the Library Catalog or articles in Library Databases is a great way to find information that comes from trustworthy sources. If you are doing your research on the internet, you will want to make sure that any websites you are use are created by someone you can trust.

Finding Resources

The guides below can help you get started with your research and choosing a database, and help you evaluate the sources you find along the way.

Resource Types

Depending on your assignment, you may need to find different types of sources. These may be books, articles, videos, reference sources, and so on. Use the pages below to zero in on the type of resource you need.

Finding Books

This will go into using our Library Catalog, IvyCat, as well as various online databases to find books and ebooks owned by the Fort Wayne Library.


Finding Articles

When you need articles for your research, you need to use Library Databases. This page will help you with these searches.



Sometimes you need to use Reference Sources in your research. These include online dictionaries, thesauruses, quotation databases, and more.