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English - Fort Wayne

Finding Books

A book is a publication focused on one topic. A book can be a primary, secondary, or tertiary source. We have books in print, online, and audiobook formats. 

To find books in any format, search the library catalog, IvyCat. To access a book that is in the library, you need to know its call number. To access a book online, you need to log in to My Ivy or create a free account on that database to read it. Find out more:

Constructing Searches

Search in library databases and catalogs with the key words of your statement or question. It saves time to write these key words down, with a synonym for each, because you will refine them as you search. When you find a resource that you like, look at the subject tags on its record, and use those to find more. For more help on constructing searches see these Library Guides:

Types of Sources

Your assignments may ask you to use primary sources and/or scholarly sources.

The terms primary, secondary, and tertiary indicate the relationship between the author and the events described. A primary source is documentation from someone who personally witnessed or experienced them: ex. a diary, an interview, a report of an experiment. Primary sources are not always written texts!

Scholarly sources refers to the audience: not for general readers. Peer-reviewed refers to the scholarly process of review before publication. You can limit your searches to scholarly or peer-reviewed items.