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COVID-19-iku - Bloomington

Students who contributed to this project were eligible to win prizes including $25 gift cards and t-shirts.  The winning entries featured here expressed a good representation of these stressful times, and in some cases, brought us a bit of much needed humor.

Spring 2021 Winners:

When life feeds you the truth
it is a bitter, foul brew
I take mine with honey

by: Brian Kleinschmidt

Tell me when it's over
When outside I can roam free
I can touch, love, and sneeze

by: Kayla Law

Gasping for air all day
Do you recognize my face?
A goodbye kiss extinct

by: Razan Omar

deeply disgusting litter
discretely discarded masks
we step into the street

by: Eric Patterson

The Pandemic has struck.
The new normal is a mask.
How I wish I could breathe.

by: Aaliyah Priddy

Fall 2020 Winners:

dull leaves float to the ground
caskets buried in the ground
the alive, now silent

by: Sarah Ranger

Sometimes I wonder why
It seems that hate runs rampant
In the world we call home.

by: Kelly Hammond

About your Total Gym...
I listed it on eBay,
I hope that you don't mind.

by: Laura Buttery

Mutual aid came through
Where the government fell flat
Neighbors we can count on

by: Smelliott

The introverts are fine
Check on your extrovert friends
We will celebrate again

by: Leah Rayl