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COVID-19-iku - Bloomington

And, the Grim Reaper rhymes,
"Mind the gap and wear a mask.
I weary of my task."

by: Brett Pfingston

Wear a mask, all alone
Quarantine, baking, learning
The world forever changed.

by: Kiera

We are unsure of "next"
will the loneliness linger--
perhaps we will soon see.

by: Lily Schunn

They said, "Flatten the curve."
Did we? Yes! But only if
You turn the chart sideways.

by: Carol Parkinson

Face mask, goggles, and gloves
Hand sanitizer close by
Ready for the drive-thru

by: Colleen

Even with distance we spread.
Can we walk outside yet?
Stay 6 feet apart peeps.

by: C. R.