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COVID-19-iku - Bloomington

We would like to thank the many people who provided support for this project.

In addition to all who provided support for this project during the Fall 2020 semester, we would also like to thank the following people for their ongoing support during Phase 2 of the project, Spring 2021:

  • Lori Purcell and Ivy Tech Alumni Association for providing gift cards
  • Debra Vance and the Diversity Committee for providing t-shirts
  • and Kurt Messick for the updated promotional video.

For the Fall 2020 project, many thanks to:

  • Jennie Vaughan, Chancellor
  • Susie Graham, Executive Director of Development
  • Lori Purcell, Coordinator of Resource Development and Alumni Affairs
  • Circle of Ivy
  • The Faculty of Ivy Tech Bloomington
  • and especially Astronomy Professor Kurt Messick for his unwavering support of the Library and for creating and producing the COVID-19-iku Promotional Video