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Why Cite Sources?

While writing your paper you might ask, why should I cite my sources?  Who is going to know anyway? 

Well, for one, you will know, and whether you want to believe it or not, your professor will know.  Citing your sources give credit to the creator of the source materials.  So, If you use any part of a source, whether it is a direct quote, paraphrasing, or just using statistics or ideas from that source, you must cite the original source. 

There are many different styles for citing your sources.  In this LibGuide we will cover MLA (Modern Language Association) style, APA (American Psychological Association) style, and The Bluebook legal citation style.  It is important to know which style your professor wants you to use for your paper.  Refer to your course syllabus to find out or ask your professor.


Exporting Citations

You can export citations directly from the database where you found your source.  Check out the links below to learn how to get citations straight from the database.


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