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Citing Sources: Sellersburg: Reference Page

Reference Page

General formatting rules:

  • Each citation starts at the left margin.  All lines after the first line of a citation should be indented a half inch. This is called a hanging indentation.  In Microsoft Word, open the Paragraph formatting option and select the special indentation, hanging.
  • The list of references should be in alphabetical order by the last name of the first author of each source.
  • If one author has multiple articles or a group of authors have more than one article, list the citations in chronological order from earliest to most recent.
  • List author names last name, first initial.  Use this format for up to and including seven authors.  For more than seven authors, list the first six and then use an ellipses (...) after the sixth name.  After the ellipses, list the name of the last author of the source.
  • Use the full title of the journal.
  • Retain original format of journal titles. 
  • Capitalize all major words of a journal title.  Words that don't need capitalization include words such as of and and.
  • For Books, chapters, article, or web pages, capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle.  Also, capitalize only the first word after a color or a dash and any proper noun.  Don't capitalize the second word of a hyphenated compound word.
  • Titles for longer works, such as books and journals, should be in italics.
  • Titles for shorter works, such as journal articles or essays in edited collections, should not be italicized, underlined, or put in quotes.

APA Reference Video

Purdue OWL

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APA Style Formatting.

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