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Citing Sources: Sellersburg: APA

Using APA Style

Use these links to learn about APA (American Psychological Association) documentation style and to see sample papers with title pages, abstracts, and reference lists.

APA Formatting Guide from the OWL at Purdue

APA Style Guide from the American Psychological Association

NoodleTools can help you format your APA reference list.

Annotated Bibliography

When you write a research paper, you will be including information from outside sources such as books, journals, magazines, web pages, etc.  Whenever information from an outside source is utilized in your paper you must cite that source within your paper and include a full citation at the end of the paper on the "Reference Lists" page.  Citing your sources gives credit to the creator of the original work.  

Different academic subjects use different citation styles and formats.  APA style is developed by the American Psychological Association and is used primarily in the social sciences.  It is important that you consult your course syllabus or instructor to confirm what citation style is required for your paper.

This guide provides a brief introduction to APA style and includes a sample of the different kinds of citations that you might encounter while writing your research paper. 

Why We Cite