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East Central: Guide to Library Resources for English Students: Library Challenge

Measure Your Skills!

The library offers resources and tools for all your research needs. Can you use them to complete the following tasks?  [Ask the "Librarian on Call" if you need help.]

  1. Answer the following true or false question: Most of the article databases in the Virtual Library only give a brief description of each article and do not provide full-text of the article. 
  2. Check those databases below that are good choices for science/biology topics.
  3. __CQ Researcher
    __ProQuest Research Library
    __Literary Reference Center
    __Health & Wellness Research Center (GALE), or Gale Health & Wellness
    __Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)
    __Military & Government (EBSCO)
    __Opposing Viewpoints
    __Books 24x7

  4. Find the full text of a (peer-reviewed) journal article on a topic of your choice. (Better yet, be able to select 3 articles that contribute something different to the same topic.) 
  5. Search for a topic in Google Scholar and find one of the "recent articles" in an Ivy Tech database. (Do you remember how to set up Google Scholar Preferences so that you can link to Ivy Tech databases at home?) 
  6. Find out if the college has full-text online access to a journal, such as Hemingway Review, or American Literature. (Hint: use IvyJo)
  7. Get a list of English or literature periodicals with links to the databases where they are available. (Hint: use IvyJo) 
  8. Find an ebook (electronic book) on your topic. (Search IvyCat, or ebrary or netLibrary or other ebook databases directly.) 
  9. Find the area of the library (here or Ball State) to browse for books on your topic. (Locate the Library of Congress call number or "address.") 
  10. Use WorldCat to find a book on your topic that Ivy Tech does not own, and request to borrow it from another library (see "Interlibrary loan" link). 
  11. Go the Internet site of the CDC. (Where are you or what is the "CDC," and how did you get there? How would you find other key recommended websites?) 
  12. Describe tips for using the Web responsibly for research on any topic. 
  13. Describe to a classmate how to access library resources on or off campus.



Describe how your instructor wants you to cite sources (naming the formatting style you are to use, or the one you've chosen if given a choice).

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