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Campus Resources - Bloomington: MS Word

Intro to Word

If you're having trouble understanding Microsoft Word, you've come to the right place. We have a number of videos you can watch to help you understand this program. They're all under 5 minutes in length, and you can pick and choose which ones you need. They're organized into the following sections:

  • Getting Started - here you will learn what the keys mean and how to navigate the toolbars.
  • Beginning with Text- here you will learn about fonts, how to make something Bold or italicized and how to align and highlight text. You'll also learn about Word's Spell Check and Grammar Check.
  • Formatting your Document- here you will learn how to use indentation, tabs, and how to space your paragraphs, along with how to make lists and bullet points.
  • Inserts and Objects- Word lets you insert things like hyperlinks and shapes. In these guides you'll learn how to organize them.
  • Page Layout- This group of videos deals with the layout of your document and the way it looks. You'll learn how to format margins, change the layout (horizontal or vertical), how to use page breaks, columns, insert page numbers, headers and footers.
  • Working with Pictures- This group of videos will teach you how to insert pictures, crop an image, wrap pictures with text, and any other adjustments you might need to make.
  • Advanced Features- This group of videos will teach you how about tracking changes made to your document, inspecting and protecting it, SmartArt Graphics, Styles, and Mail Merge.
  • Printing- This video will walk you through how to print your document.


Don't forget to check the description box under each video for details.

This is a quick introduction to Microsoft Word. It will teach you how to "read" Word, or how to view it, so that when you open the program you will know what you're looking at and how to use it. You'll learn:

  • How to use the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Use the Ruler
  • Using Backstage View

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Open an existing document
  • Pin documents
  • Convert documents
  • Use Compatibility Mode

In this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Use "Save As" to make a copy of your document
  • Use AutoRecover
  • Export documents

This video will teach you how to add text to your document. You'll learn:

  • Drag and Drop 
  • Copy and Paste
  • Inserting symbols
  • Selecting text
  • Deleting text
  • Using Undo and Redo features

Here you'll learn to:

  • Change font size and color
  • Use Bold, Italic, and Underline commands
  • Change text case
  • Change text alignment
  • Highlight text

In this video you'll learn to use Find and Replace. So, for example, if you were writing a story about a man named Bert, and afterward you wanted to change his name to Bart, you would "Find" Bert and "Replace" it with Bart. This feature helps save you time so that you don't have to go back over the document and change each Bert one at a time.

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Use automatic spell and grammar checks
  • Ignore these checks
  • Correct errors
  • Hide error checks

This tutorial will teach you to:

  • Indent text
  • Use the tab selector
  • Add and remove tab stops

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Format, organize, and fine-tune line spacing
  • Add and format your paragraph spacing

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Create and organize a list
  • Options for working with lists
  • Work with numbered lists
  • Customize bullet points
  • Create multi-level lists
  • Increase and decrease an indent level

Here you'll find videos on inserts such as:

  • Shapes
  • Text Boxes
  • Charts
  • Tables
  • Hyperlinks

And the last video discusses how to align or organize them on your document.

This tutorial will help you:

  • Add shapes to your document
  • Change or resize shapes
  • Add effects to your shapes
  • Edit the shape's size, color, and outline

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Add a text box to your document
  • Change the shape style of text box
  • Aligning and editing text in text boxes
  • Formatting text in text boxes

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Insert a chart
  • Identify the different parts of a chart
  • Create charts with existing Excel data
  • Modify charts and chart tools

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Create a blank table
  • Convert existing text into a table
  • Modify and edit your tables

Hyperlinks are links to websites that you can put into your document. For example, if you are citing a webpage in a book report, you would use a hyperlink in your citation.

This tutorial will help you organize all the objects you've used on your document, such as shapes, text boxes, pictures, etc. It will help you:

  • Align two or more objects
  • Distribute objects evenly
  • Group objects
  • Put objects in order

This page has videos that will teach you how to lay out your document, including:

  • Page layout, size, and margins
  • Using page breaks
  • Columns
  • Headers and Footers
  • Page Numbers

This video will show you how to:

  • Change the document from landscape (horizontal) to portrait (vertical) or vice versa
  • Change the page size
  • Use a custom page size
  • Format page margins
  • Use custom margins

This video includes information on:

  • Using section breaks
  • Other types of breaks
  • Removing breaks

This video will show you how to:

  • Add columns
  • Remove columns
  • Adding column breaks
  • Removing column breaks

This video contains information on:

  • Inserting preset headers and footers
  • Editing headers and footers
  • Designing tab options
  • Inserting the date or time into headers and footers

This video contains information on:

  • Adding page numbers
  • Adding page numbers to an existing header or footer
  • Hiding page numbers on the first page
  • Restarting page numbers

This tutorial will teach you:

  • How to insert pictures from files
  • How to wrap text around pictures
  • Changing the wrap settings
  • Using a predefined text wrapping setting
  • Inserting online pictures

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Crop an image 
  • Add a border to an image
  • Compress pictures
  • Make adjustments to your images

In this tutorial you'll learn how to:

  • Keep track of the changes you make in a document
  • Accept and reject suggested changes
  • Hide the track changes
  • Add and delete comments to a document 
  • Compare two documents

This tutorial will teach you how to:

  • Use the Document Inspector feature (this can be helpful when you're doing the final edit of your paper)
  • Protect your document so that you can share it with people without them editing the content

This tutorial will help you:

  • Add text to a Smart Art Graphic
  • Add, delete, or reorder shapes
  • Organize Smart Art from the Design Tab
  • Change the Smart Art layout

This tutorial will help you to:

  • Apply a style set
  • Create a new style
  • Modify a new or existing style

This tutorial will explain how to use the Mail Merge feature. With Mail Merge you can create multiple letters, envelopes, labels, name tags, and more. You can use other Microsoft Office programs, like Excel, in conjunction with Mail Merge.

This tutorial will teach you how to set up your document to print. You'll learn to customize the following:

  • Printing custom pages instead of the whole document
  • Printing double sided
  • How to collate multiple copies
  • Printing more than 1 page of your document on a single sheet of paper
  • Change margins
  • Quick print