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Campus Resources - Bloomington: Excel


On this page you'll find video tutorials for Microsoft's spreadsheet program, Excel. For more information on what Excel is and what you can do with it, click the videos in this box.

Now that you know what Excel is used for, look at the videos below for help with specific problems you may run into. They are divided into the following areas:

  • Getting Started - These are very basic videos that help you set up a new workbook/Excel sheet.
  • Saving, Sharing, and Printing - These videos teach you how to save, share, and print workbooks.
  • Working with Cells -  Here you'll learn about formatting cells, modifying rows and cells, etc.
  • Intermediate Excel Techniques - Here are some techniques and functions you can learn after you master the basics.
  • Formulas - You can use formulas to save time, by having Excel process data for you
  • Viewing Your Worksheet - Here you can learn how to sort, filter, and modify your entire worksheet.

This video shows you the front page of Excel and walks you through what each item on Excel does and how you use it. And will teach you to:

  • Work with Excel
  • Customize the Ribbon (Toolbar)
  • Excel language and terminology
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Access the Backstage View in Excel

This video will teach you to:

  • Open an existing Workbook
  • Pin an existing Workbook
  • Use templates
  • Use Compatibility Mode

This video includes information on:

  • Using Save As to make a Copy
  • Changing the default save location
  • Using the Auto Recovery tool
  • Exporting files to other file types
  • Sharing workbooks with others

This tutorial will show you how to change your page layout and print. You'll also learn to:

  • Access the Print page
  • Print active sheets, a selection of sheets, or the entire workbook
  • Adjust page orientation and page breaks
  • Modify margins in the preview pane

In this video, you'll learn what a cell is and how to:

  • Select a cell
  • Edit a cell
  • Delete a cell
  • Copy and paste a cell
  • Use the drag and drop feature to move cells
  • Use the fill handle

Here you'll learn to:

  • Insert, delete, move, and hide cells
  • Wrap text
  • Merge cells
  • Use AutoFit
  • Modify row height

In this video you'll learn about formatting cells. Formatting can make your workbook easier to read and more visually appealing. In this video you'll learn to:

  • Change the font size and color
  • Use bold, italic, and underline commands
  • Add cell borders and fill colors
  • Apply cell styles
  • Change text direction
  • Use the Format Painter

Here you'll learn what Number Formats are, and learn to:

  • Apply Number Formats
  • Use Number Formats Correctly
  • Use percentage and date formats
  • Learn Number Formatting tips

Here you'll learn how to:

  • Insert, copy, rename, move, and delete worksheets
  • Change worksheet tab colors
  • Group and un-group worksheets

When you have a lot of information in your worksheet, it can be difficult to find one specific piece of data. Find and Replace is a function that searches the document for you, finding specific data and giving you the option of replacing it with something new.

Here you'll learn:

  • Mathematical operators
  • Understanding cell references
  • Creating formulas
  • Copying and editing formulas

This video will show you how to:

  • Order of operations
  • Create complex formulas
  • Create complex formulas with the order of operations

This video will show you how to:

  • Create and copy formulas using relative references
  • Create and copy formulas using absolute references
  • Use cell references with multiple worksheets
  • Reference cells across worksheets

Functions can be an easier, quicker way to analyze data, as opposed to creating formulas. This video has information on:

  • What functions are
  • What functions are already available in Excel
  • The parts of a function
  • Working with arguments
  • Using the Insert Function command

This video includes information on:

  • Freezing and unfreezing rows and columns
  • Opening a new window for a workbook
  • Splitting worksheets

This video has information on 

  • Types of sorting (alphabetically, numerically, etc.)
  • Sorting sheets and ranges
  • Creating a custom sort
  • Adding levels

This video has information on:

  • Filtering data
  • Applying multiple filters
  • Clearing filters
  • Using advanced text, number, and date filters

This video will teach you about:

  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Page Numbers

This video will show you how to:

  • Format data into a table
  • Add rows or columns to a table
  • Modify table settings
  • Remove a table

This video will teach you to:

  • Insert charts
  • Read charts
  • Switch row and column data
  • Change the type of chart you're using
  • Move or update your chart

Conditional Formatting is simply highlighting certain data in your worksheet. This video will help you understand more about when to use conditional formatting, how to use it, and understanding how it helps you read your data. It also teaches you how to use preset conditional formatting, modifying existing conditional formatting, and creating your own.

When you collaborate on a spreadsheet, you may need some of these advanced features. Tracking changes means that Excel will keep track of each change you make to the document. This video also shows you how to add comments to the document, so that you and your colleagues can work together.