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Campus Resources - Bloomington: Google Drive

Google Drive

You can access Google Drive a number of ways:

Sign into your MyIvy account. Scroll down until you see the Google Drive tab on the left and click on it. 


Open a new tab and bring up the Google home page. On the top right of the page, there is a square/cube made out of 9 little squares/cubes. Click on that and it will open a window that shows you all the Google accounts you have. One of them should be a green, yellow, and blue triangle shaped logo. That is your Google Drive, click on it.


Go to: 

This video introduces you to Google Drive and shows you:

  • How to make a Google account
  • How to use Google Drive on a desktop computer
  • How to use Google Drive on a mobile device

This video has information on:

  • Creating new files
  • Using templates

This video has information on:

  • Uploading files and folders
  • Dragging files from your desktop to Google Drive
  • Converting files to Google Drive formats
  • Converting files to Google Docs format

This video includes information on:

  • Sorting files
  • Applying filters
  • Creating and moving folders
  • Previewing files
  • Deleting files


This video contains information on:

  • Sharing files
  • Sharing files with a group with a link
  • Collaboration tools