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Advance Manufacturing: Collaboration Forms

Meeting Needs! Supporting Faculty!

Collaborative academic programs and services involving the library enhance student learning. 

Information literacy instruction strengthens general education outcomes

Students benefit from library instruction in their initial coursework.

Library research consultations boost student learning.

Library use increases student success

Library Services

Quick Introduction to Library Services (15 Minutes)

Your Paul W Ogle Library representative will drop in to introduce themselves and library services and activities which can support your students’ success.


Introduction to the Assignment Calculator (15 minutes)

Your Paul W Ogle Library representative will drop in to introduce students to the Assignment Calculator and the many links supporting assignment completion.


Citation and Formatting (20 Minutes)

Introduction and support for the use of APA or MLA citation formatting and the OWL 


Annotated Bibliography (20 Minutes)

Introduction giving the three parts of an annotation: citation, summary, and evaluation; providing some sample annotated bibliographies.


Developing research strategy (30 minutes)

Introduction to research strategy, value of the question and the working knowledge of a subject in developing a research strategy.

Library Instruction

Student Success IVYT 11x.  (50 minutes) 

Introduction to the Library, navigation of the site, initial use of library guides, comfort in asking questions, and use of some Library resources


Navigating Library site, use of Library Guides (50 minutes)

Navigate library site for evaluating resources, utilizing database systems’ functions to select resources, use of library guides for selecting, citing, and formatting.  


Subject-specific Research (50 minutes)

Overview of subject-specific resources (books, databases, websites). 


NoodleTools Workshop (60 minutes)

Introduction to the citation program, and how it can be used for citing and overall organization of resources.