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Library Information Guide - Fort Wayne

Library Call Numbers

Ivy Tech Library uses the Library of Congress (LC) call number system to organize materials in the General and Juvenile Collections.

Call Numbers on Books

Using LC Call Numbers

  • LC call numbers contain both letters and numbers, beginning with letters
  • Call numbers have a minimum of three lines, the last being the publication date.
  • To find a book’s call number, search IvyCat, the Library catalog, for the book’s record.
  • Call numbers are assigned by subject area, so browsing through nearby books may lead you to more books on your topic.
  • Call number labels on books are read from left to right, starting with the top line.

For example, if the catalog says this

Call Number

The book label will look like this


Library of Congress Classification

The following list is a simplified breakdown of the LC system’s subject areas.  Books whose call numbers begin with the following letters will be related to that letter’s subject area.

For more detailed information about LC subject areas, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

  • A: General works, almanacs, encyclopedias
  • B: Philosophy, psychology, religion
    • B-BD: Philosophy
    • BF-BJ: Psychology, Ethics
    • BL-BX: Religion
  • C: History of civilization, archeology, genealogy, general biography
  • D: History (except the Americas)
  • E: History -U. S. & the Americas (general)
  • F: History -U.S. (states)
  • G: Geography, folklore, sports
    • G-GN: Geography, anthropology
    • GR-GT: Folklore, customs, holidays
    • GV: Sports, games
  • H: Social Sciences
    • HB: Economics
    • HD: Management, human relations
    • HF: Business, careers, resumes, marketing, accounting
    • HG: Finance
    • HM: Sociology (general)
    • HO: Family, marriage, sex, gender
    • HV: Social services, welfare, criminology, substance abuse
  • J: Political Science
    • JK: United States
    • JS: Local government
  • K: Law
    • KF: United States law
  • L: Education
    • LB: Theory & practice of education; teaching, study skills, tests
  • M: Music
  • N: Fine Arts
    • NA: Architecture
    • NC: Graphic art
  • P: Language and Literature
    • PA: Classical literature PE: English language, reading, writing PN: Literature - general PR-PS: English & American literature
  • Q: Science
    • QA: Mathematics, CIS
    • QC: Physics
    • QD: Chemistry
    • QH: Biology
    • QM-QP: Human anatomy & physiology
  • R: Medicine
    • RA: Public health
    • RB: Pathology, diseases
    • RC: Internal medicine, radiology, respiratory therapy, psychiatry
    • RD: Surgery
    • RG: Obstetrics & gynecology
    • RJ: Pediatrics
    • RL: Dermatology
    • RM: Pharmacology
    • RT: Nursing
  • S: Agriculture
  • T: Technology
    • T: Technical writing, safety, drafting computer graphics
    • TA: Engineering, technical math, materials
    • TD: Environmental engineering
    • TH: Building construction, HVAC, fire science
    • TJ: Mechanical engineering,
    • TK: Electronics, computer networks
    • TL: Motor vehicles, aeronautics
    • TP: Refrigeration, wines
    • TS: Manufacturing, welding
    • TT: Woodworking, fashion
    • TX: Culinary arts
  • U-V: Military & Naval science
  • Z: Bibliographies, keyboarding