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Predictable Books

Predictable books help early readers predict what the next sentences are going to say by using repetitive language, sequences, rhythms, and rhymes. These include chain/circular stories, cumulative sequences, familiar/known sequences, pattern stories, question and answer, phrase/sentence repetition, and rhyme/rhythm repetition.

In chain or circular stories, the ending leads right back to the beginning.

In cumulative stories, each part builds upon the parts that come before. As each new part is added, ALL the rest of the story is repeated, building a string of events or ideas that can help early readers recognize patterns and words.

Stories with familiar or known sequences include a common, easily recognizable theme (such as the days of the weeks, months, counting).

In a pattern story, the scenes or events are repeated with a variation.

In question and answer stories, one question is repeated throughout the story.

Repetition stories might repeat a single phrase or sentence, or they might repeat a recognizable rhyme, rhythm, or refrain.