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Education - Fort Wayne

Tough Topics

Some topics are hard to talk about with kids, but it's still important to address them so that kids learn to cope with their feelings and understand what is going on around them.

Fighting & Violence

Children may struggle with ways to properly express their own anger, as well as ways to cope with anger and violence happening around them in their families and communities. Books on this page discuss anger and violence and help illustrate methods children can use to manage and cope with each.

Death & Dying

Losing a friend or a loved one can be a difficult and confusing time in a child's life, but being able to discuss their feelings may help them cope wih the loss.

Books on this page are written to help children understand and cope with death and the feelings they experience.


Dealing with a separation or divorce can be a chaotic time for a child, filled with questions and difficult emotions.

The books on this page help children understand what is happening around them, that they are not to blame, and that their parents still love them, no matter what happens.