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Education - Fort Wayne

ECED 100: Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Entry level course for Early Care and Education teachers. It provides an overview of the history, theory, and foundations of early childhood education as well as exposure to types of programs, curricula and services available to young children. Opportunities to explore a variety of opportunities in the field through lecture, activities, and classroom observations.

ECED 101: Health, Safety, and Nutrition

Examines basic principles of child development, Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP), importance of family, licensing, and elements of quality care of young children with an emphasis on the learning environment related to health, safety, and nutrition. Entry-level course for early care and education teachers.

ECED 103: Curriculum in Early Childhood Classroom

Entry level course for Early Care and Education teachers. Examines Developmentally Appropriate environments and activities in various childcare settings. Explores the varying developmental levels and cultural backgrounds of children.

ECED 120: Child Growth and Development

Studies the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and moral development of children from conception to age twelve. Theories of child development, biological and environmental foundations, prenatal development, the birth process, and the newborn baby are discussed. Influences of family, community, media, and culture in various countries are considered.

ECED 230: The Exceptional Child

Provides an introduction to caring for each exceptional child. Includes theories and practices for producing optimal developmental growth. Develops teaching techniques and explores public policy including legislative mandates. Explores the types of special needs and provides methods for assistance.

ECED 233: Emerging Literacy

Provides for understanding of the development of children’s language arts behaviors, concepts, and skills that precede and can develop into literacy, which includes reading and writing skills. Provides understanding and skills on how the acquisition of language for young children develops into optimum literacy growth through the materials and the environments that are provided for the young children. Students will explore and evaluate literature for young children. The course introduces technology materials and techniques, which are utilized in early childhood programs.In the course the students will research, examine and evaluate various screening and assessment tools related to literacy in the early childhood.

ECED 243: Cognitive Curriculum

Review cognitive theories of development in relation to the domains of early learning. Analyze appropriate problem solving, math, science, and social studies curriculum in early childhood settings. Create and implement curriculum in the domains of early learning utilizing appropriate child outcomes assessment. Reflect upon implementation of activities and assessment with childre