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Education - Fort Wayne


Finding Journals by Title

If you are looking for a specific journal title, you can search Publication Finder. Once you find the journal you want, you can browse through individual issues. Some journals that are useful in the early childhood education field are NAEYC Young Children, Psychology Today, Current Directions in Psychological Sciences, Educational Leadership and Multicultural Review.

Searching for Articles

Library databases can be used to find scholarly articles with reliable information for your research. Here are some recommended databases for education topics.

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Locating Children's Books in the Library

In our Library, nonfiction books are shelved by their Library of Congress (LC) Call Number. These numbers organize books by their subject. In the general collection, the LC Call Number L will have books related to education.

L: Education

  • LA: History of Education
  • LB: Theory and Practice of Education
  • LC: Special Aspects of Education

You can find out more about LC Call Numbers here.

When you are looking for a specific book, you will want to use IvyCat, our Library Catalog, to search for it.