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HLC Visit 2019: Library Strategic Plan, Mission, Policies and Reports

This guide is for the Valpo Campus HLC visit in April 2019.

Library Strategic Plan

Approved in 2014, Libraries for Student Success is the strategic plan for the Libraries of Ivy Tech Community College with a focus on the systems, services, procedures, and practices that promote and ensure student success.

Library Mission Statement

Library Mission Statement

The Ivy Tech Community College Libraries are full partners in the educational and workforce development mission of the College. The libraries teach research strategies, support the curriculum, and encourage independent and lifelong learning by providing the space, information resources, instruction, and related services essential for academic success. The Libraries advance information literacy, critical thinking, and collaborative learning in a welcoming environment that promotes, and is enriched by, the diverse cultural and intellectual interests of students, faculty, and community.

Library Monthly Reports to Administration

As the new Library Director at the Valparaiso Campus, I send monthly library reports to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Campus Chancellor. These reports cover what projects the library has completed, what projects are new or ongoing, and any issues that I may need input. Find links to these reports below. 

Library Policies

The Library policies were reviewed and updated as needed at the end of 2018. You can find links to all the policies on the Valparaiso Campus Library's Policies page.

Policies of interest: 

Collection Development

Challenged Materials

Connection to College Mission and Strategic Plan

Below are statements from library staff members on how the library reflects the college's mission and strategic plan. 

"The one sentence in the Mission Statement that really sticks out to me, is “We empower our students to achieve their career and transfer aspirations.”  I have worked with Student Life, TRIO, and now in the library.  In every position, I have had the pleasure of helping students find and use the resources they need to succeed in their classes.  Sometimes students are not sure what they need.  By being friendly, and offering to help, I am able to direct them to the person or department that will help them succeed.  If students are empowered with the knowledge of the college’s resources and contacts, I believe they will achieve their aspirations.

The goal listed in the Strategic Plan that is most relevant to my position here at Ivy Tech, is Goal 1: Student Success.  In the library it is our mission to ensure that the student’s basic needs are met to complete their class assignments whether it is through research, instruction, or the use of technology. " - Cecilia Smith, Library Assistant

"The sentence in the Mission Statement that encompassed how I try to do my job every day is the on that says "We empower our students". They come to IVY Tech to make their lives better and we become a part of the journey only if we help them travel through it. So no matter how small the problem or request everyone's is important. They all should walk away feeling like you cared and you did everything you could.

As far as Goal from the Strategic Plan, my role is strictly all about Student Success. So I'm try to help them whenever they have a question or a need. Sometimes they just need a sounding board or an explanation of policy or where they might find a solution for a problem outside the scope of IVY Tech."  - Doris Morse, Library Assistant

"Mission Statement sentence: "We empower our students to achieve their career and transfer aspirations." 

As campus library director, I provide resources and instruction to support student’s educational and personal goals by encouraging life-long learning and critical thinking skills. In my role I provide one-on-one and group instruction on information literacy, ensure that the library space is inviting and comfortable, and that the collection supports the curriculum and provides a diverse collection of viewpoints.

Strategic Plan Goal: Student Success

The library provides resources that support the curriculum and interests of the student population and community and provides individual help to navigate these resources." - Heather Ayres, Library Director

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