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Fort Wayne & Warsaw

Services and Policies

Library Mission Statement

The Ivy Tech Community College Libraries are full partners in the educational and workforce development mission of the College. The libraries teach research strategies, support the curriculum, and encourage independent and lifelong learning by providing the space, information resources, instruction, and related services essential for academic success. The Libraries advance information literacy, critical thinking, and collaborative learning in a welcoming environment that promotes, and is enriched by, the diverse cultural and intellectual interests of students, faculty, and community.

Circulation Policies

Checking Out Library Materials

Use your student ID card to check out up to 20 items. Student ID cards can be obtained at the security desk. If you are unable to check out items due to fines owed, etc., materials can be held for you at the circulation desk for up to 3 days. Do not loan your library card or books to anyone else. You are responsible for damaged or lost books checked out to your card.

Loan Periods

Books, puppets, audio materials, laptops, GoPro cameras, magazines, and journals can be checked out for two weeks. DVDs may be checked out for use within the library. Current issues of magazines and journals cannot be checked out.


Items may be renewed twice for an additional two-week period, for a total of six weeks.  Materials may be renewed in person at the library, or online at the Virtual Library (before they are overdue) by going to IvyCat, and then clicking on Patron near the top of the screen.  Laptops and GoPro Cameras must be renewed in person, and only if they are returned on time.


Please return materials in the book drop outside the south library entrance on Coliseum campus. Materials may also be placed in the Library drop-box outside the main entrance to the Student Life Building. (Do NOT use the book drop or drop-box to return Laptops or Go Pro Cameras.)   Materials will not be automatically checked in if they are left inside the library.

Overdue, Lost or Damaged Items

Failure to pay fees for lost or damaged items will result in suspension of your borrowing privileges. You will also be unable to register for classes, drop or add classes, graduate, or get a copy of your transcript.  After fifty-eight (58) days the Business Office will turn your account over to a collection agency, you may owe additional fees, and the library will no longer accept lost items.

Overdue Fees 

Overdue fees for books, magazines, journals, puppets, audio materials, etc., are shown in this chart.  Laptops and GoPro Cameras are subject to their own fee schedule.  All overdue fees must be paid at the Bursar's Office in the Coliseum campus.

Item returned 15--28 days late

Item returned 29 or more days late

Item not returned

$3.00 per item

$5.00 per item

Replacement cost plus $5.00 per item

Any item returned fifty-eight (58) or more days overdue will not be accepted, and the patron will be charged the full replacement cost of the item, plus a five dollar ($5.00) processing fee.

Borrowing From Other Libraries

Students and employees can request items owned by another library with a ILL Request form available online. The borrower is responsible for returning materials to the Ivy Tech library. Reference books, videos and journals are rarely able to be borrowed.

You may be able to use other libraries' materials through the 'Reciprocal Borrowing' program. Reciprocal borrowing cards are available to faculty and students in good standing. Participating Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) include: Concordia Seminary, Huntington College, Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW), University of St. Francis, and Taylor University and many more!
Contact Ryan Wierbiki at 482-9171 ext. 2503 with questions.

Library Spaces and Instruction

Library Instruction

Staff will customize library instruction in areas from general familiarization to intense focus on a particular topic or project. Library instruction for the online Library can take place in your classroom, the Library Presentation Room, or in another computer equipped classroom that you reserve.  Professors are required to be in attendance for all instructional sessions. A project giving students hands-on research experience is also available. Library Instruction can be requested online, subject to the approval of the librarians.

Contact Elizabeth Metz at 482-9171, ext. 4580 for more information.

Presentation Room 

Faculty may reserve the Presentation Room or up to 6 Library computers outside the Presentation Room for their students to conduct research that may require the assistance of Library staff.  The Presentation Room/computers may be reserved for the duration of the class meeting time, but cannot be reserved more than four times per semester per course section.  Faculty or staff may also reserve the Presentation Room for events sponsored by Ivy Tech.  Library food and drink policies apply to the Presentation Room.  The Presentation Room and Library computers should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact the library at 480-4172 for scheduling information.

Collaborative Study Rooms

Three collaborative study rooms are available for students who wish to schedule private study, meetings or workgroups. Rooms may be reserved up to 2-hours per reservation (4-hours max per day). It is recommended that you reserve a room ahead of time to secure your time-slot. Reservations may be made up to 8-weeks in advance. Individuals/Groups who do not show up within 15-minutes of their reserved time forfeit the reservation. Rooms can be scheduled on the Library Website or in person at the Circulation Desk.

Contact the library at (260) 480-4172 for scheduling assistance.

Optional Equipment: Laptop computers are available at the Circulation Desk for use in the study rooms if needed. (Student ID Required)

DISCLAIMER: All reservations are subject to change at the discretion of library staff. Click or touch the Info icon next to each room number for individual room configurations or details. Please use the online scheduling interface below for reservations.

Library Courtesy

Phone Use

Please make/take cell phone calls outside the library. In case of emergency, a library staff member may dial an outgoing (local) call for you.

Children in the Library

College policy requires that all minors be under the close supervision of a parent or guardian at all times.

Food and Drink

This policy is written with the intent to preserve library materials, computer equipment, and furnishings, and to maintain a pleasant and clean environment for students, faculty and staff. Since food and beverages can pose a risk to our resources, we ask that you act responsibly when eating or drinking in the library. Food of any type is prohibited in the computer labs, and at computers, photocopiers, and scanner stations. Snacks or small meals are permitted outside computer areas if the individual is seated at a table. Beverages in covered containers and bottles are allowed at computers and throughout the library. Do not set drinks on the floor. This policy is at the discretion of staff and you may be asked to discontinue consuming a food or drink at any time.

Library Materials

Course/Faculty Reserves

Faculty can place books and journals on the reserve shelf for one semester once a Reserve Form has been filled out. Faculty owned items will be returned via interoffice mail at the end of each semester unless other arrangements have been made. The library complies with the provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law (17 U.S.C.) while strongly supporting the Fair Use section of the Copyright law (17 U.S.C. 107) which permits and protects citizens' rights to reproduce and make other uses of copyrighted works for the purposes of teaching, scholarship, and research. Copyright FAQ's are available from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Contact Library Director Nicole Treesh at 480-4280 or click here for more information about course reserves.


The library has thousands of DVD videos for students, staff, and faculty to use.  Faculty and staff may check out videos to take home to preview, but students must watch videos in the library. Faculty can reserve videos for their lessons at least one week prior to the date needed. To request the video to be reserved please fill out Video Reserve Request Form.

Contact Ryan Wierbiki at 482-9171 ext. 2503 with questions.

Donations to the library

All donations directly benefit the library, students and staff of Ivy Tech by placement in the current collection and/or passing them on, free of charge, to interested parties at the Fort Wayne campus. All donations are subject to approval by the Library Director. Staff are not authorized to accept items on behalf of the Ivy Tech Community College Library.

For more information, contact Nicole Treesh at 480-4280.

Collection Development policy

Ivy Tech Community College - Fort Wayne also provides collection development support to Wabash and Warsaw under the direction of the Fort Wayne Library Director. As laid in the Mission Statement, the libraries' purpose it to support the students, faculty, and staff of the college through access of materials, information, and services. The policy aligns with ASOM 4.9 Information Development Policy. Click below to download Library Collection Policy in its entirety:

Library Technology

Computer Use

The Library has 50-desktop computers, 10-Laptops, 2-CAD Stations, and 2-iMacs available for student use. These computers are pre-loaded with various software applications and plugins to accommodate Ivy Tech Community College coursework. Students are unable to install their own applications onto the computers but may request software used in their course to be installed. Other technology is also available. Priority will be given to users who need to do course work including IvyLearn participation, research, word processing, etc. Non-priority users may be asked to forfeit a workstation.


The library provides both black & white and color printing services to students, staff, and faculty, but patrons need to be responsible regarding their print jobs. Students start each semester with a $5 balance for print funds. After that allotment has been used, they need to go to Campus Connect and click the "Add Print Funds" button or go to the Bursar's Office on the North Campus to pay for more printing. Wireless printing for student's devices is also available. Ask for staff assistance when encountering printer problems.


Ivy Tech policy prohibits the use of college computers to access graphic pornography which may be offensive to others, and doing so may result in a loss of library privileges. Accessing child pornography may result in arrest.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration of other students!

Ivy Tech Community College Libraries, 2023