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Chicago Manual of Style - South Bend-Elkhart: For Faculty

Purpose of this tab

This tab can be used for faculty purposes.  You can display information here about a class or share information with other faculty members.

How to Suggest a Book

Faculty Suggestions for New Books and Videos


Ivy Tech North Central libraries welcome suggestions for the purchase of new materials to  meet the educational goals of the College. While it may not be possible to obtain all items suggested for purchase, every attempt will be made to accommodate the need. Submit the Suggest an Item for Purchase form.


If there is information that you do not see here and think it should be, please leave a comment or send me an email.  That goes for the rest of the LibGuide as well.  Thank you.

Resources For Faculty

What the Ivy Tech Community College Library can do for you:

  • Work with you to develop assignments that require scholarly or non-scholarly sources and determine which resources best fit the objectives of the assignment.
  • Create a course page with discipline-specific resources tailored to your class assignments.
  • Visit your class or reserve the library's classrooms to help students find and use information sources.

For more information on Faculty Services offered by the library please follow this link:

For Faculty