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Chicago Manual of Style - South Bend-Elkhart: A. Basic Web Page

Basic Web Page (p. 752-754)

General Format 
      Full Note: 

            1. Author First Name/Initial Surname, "Title of Page," Title or Owner of
      Site, date last modified or accessed, URL.
      Concise Note: 

            2. Author Surname, "Title of Page."

      Author Surname, First Name or Initials. "Title of Page." Title or Owner of Site. Date last modified or accessed. URL.
      Full Note:

            1. K. A. Johnson and J. A. Becker, "The Whole Brain Atlas," Harvard University
      Medical School, accessed April 29, 2011, 
      Concise Note:

            2. Johnson and Becker, "The Whole Brain Atlas."

      Johnson, K. A., and J. A. Becker. "The Whole Brain Atlas." Harvard University
            Medical School. Accessed April 29, 2011.