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Chicago Manual of Style - South Bend-Elkhart: B. Lecture

Lecture (p. 747)

This format is typically used if you would like to make reference to lecture notes from one of your classes.
General Format 
      Full Note: 

            1. Lecturer First Name Surname, "Lecture Title" (lecture, Location of Lecture,
      Month Day, Year of Lecture).
      Concise Note: 

            2. Lecturer Surname, "Lecture Title."

      Lecturer Surname, First Name or Initial. "Lecture Title." Lecture, Location of Lecture,
            Month Day, Year of Lecture.
      Full Note:

            1. G. C. Sullivan, "The Art of Watercolours" (lecture, Red Deer College, Red
      Deer, AB, November 13, 2003). 
      Concise Note:

            2. Sullivan, "The Art of Watercolours."

      Sullivan, G.C. "The Art of Watercolours." Lecture, Red Deer College, Red Deer,
            AB, November 13, 2003.