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Chicago Manual of Style - South Bend-Elkhart: A. Interviews and Personal Communications

Interviews and Personal Communications (p. 744-746)

Unpublished interviews and personal communications (conversations, emails, letters, etc.) are generally cited in a footnote only; they are rarely included in the Bibliography. 
General Format 
      Full Note: 

            1. Interviewee/Email Sender First Name/Initial Surname, Interview by Name of Interviewer,
      Place and Date of Interview.
      Concise Note: 

            Generally the same as the full note. Can list Interviewee/Email Sender by
      Surname only.

      Typically no bibliography entry required.
Example 1
      Full Note:

            1. Andrew Macmillan (principal adviser, Investment Center Division, FAO), in
      discussion with the author, September 1998.
Example 2
      Full Note:

            1. Interview with health care worker, August 10, 1999.
Example 3
      Full Note:

            1. Constance Conlon, email message to author, April 17, 2000.
Example 4
      Full Note:

            1. John Powell to Grapevine mailing list, April 23, 1998, no. 83,