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Nailing the Interview

InterviewingYou found the job.

You created an eye-catching resume.

You composed an award-winning cover letter.

You've been asked to come in for an interview.

...now what?

After all the time and effort filling out paperwork and submitting cover letters and resumes, the interview is your chance to make an impression on the employer. Check out these resources - each one can help you nail the interview and land the job!


WebCamInterviewStream is a free tool that allows you to conduct practice interviews from any computer with an internet connection and a web-cam. Your interview questions are saved in your account for you to review them, or you can e-mail them to an instructor, professional acquaintance, friend or others who might be willing to critique your interview. InterviewStream can even be used to conduct real-time interviews with potential employers.

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The Job Interview

As a part-time college student, Karen takes jobs “just to pay the bills,” a practice that has given her a zigzag resume that leaves would-be employers wondering if she can commit. In this dramatization, career adviser Avril puts job hopper Karen on the spot with a tough-love approach to interviewing designed to shake Karen out of her complacency and help her land a dream job. Topics include preinterview research, types of job interviews and interview questions, the STAR interviewing response technique, and more. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. A part of the series Selling Yourself Successfully.

You're Hired! Job-Winning Interview Strategies

There’s nothing like preparation to calm the preinterview jitters! After watching this video, young adults will know how to define personal employment goals; research a company of interest; do mock interviews, for practice; dress for success; make a good first impression; communicate strengths, skills, accomplishments, and more; ask and answer a wide variety of pertinent questions; and follow up strategically via phone, mail, or e-mail. The core message? Preparation pays off!

Interview Tips

Yes and NoIvy Tech Career Development has put together a quick list of techniques to help you decide what to say and how to say it. They also highlight what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT to do in an interview. Remember, a few of the things employers are looking for are:

  • Communication Skills
  • Preparedness
  • Common Sense
  • Confidence

Career Development has information about these and other traits you'll want to demonstrate, and the books and videos below will give you some tips on how to have a successful interview.

Common Job Interview Mistakes: What NOT to Say or Do

It’s true that a job seeker needs to stand out from the crowd—but there are good and bad ways to do that! Having all the right credentials and experience doesn’t count for much if a candidate comes off as unprepared, unmotivated, and unprofessional in an interview. This video shows how to avoid that fate with concrete advice from experts, eye-catching graphics that reinforce core concepts, and clear-cut dramatizations that illustrate interview dos and don’ts. For newcomers to the job market, a firm grasp of the don’ts definitely comes in handy—after all, young people may not realize they should turn off their cell phones before an interview or refrain from asking too early about the position’s salary. From tips on ensuring punctuality to strategies for giving the most positive, team-oriented impression possible, this is a first-rate informational resource for employment counseling and business education.

Job Killers: Don't Say That!

There's often a lot of focus on what to say during a job interview, but what not to say can be even more important. This ABC News report features in interview with Rick Marini, CEO of Branchout, the largest professional networking site on Facebook. Marini offers tips on how and when to ask about compensation, and how to answer the tricky question "why did you leave your last job?"

First Impressions

Answering (and Asking) Questions

135 Interview Answers

“Aren’t you overqualified for this position?” “Why is there a gap in your work history?” “What would you take on a trip to Mars?” In this instructive and often humorous program, top recruiter Stephen Convoy (Microsoft, Nokia, Disney, Coca-Cola) instructs job-seekers on what to say and what never to say in response to specific interview questions. Divided into sections that reflect key areas of recruiters’ interest—personality, competency, behavior, self-motivation, and aspiration—the video presents an array of both good and bad replies. Viewers learn how to handle questions that are common but difficult (“What do you want to get out of this meeting?”), and gain insight into what employers really want to know when they say “Tell me about yourself.”

Answering Interview Questions

Giving clear, powerful answers to interview questions goes a long way toward winning any job. But even an entry-level interview is highly challenging, and, for many people, a nerve-wracking barrier to success. This program illustrates ways to effectively prepare for an interview and decrease the anxiety surrounding it. Viewers learn about preinterview organization and thinking, how to anticipate specific questions, and how to deal with the most difficult and confrontational ones. In addition, a professional recruitment expert explains the differences (aside from the obvious ones) between one-on-one and group interview processes. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.