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Writing resumes can be tricky. You want them to be succinct enough that potential employers can get a full impression of you in just a quick glance. You need to be picky about what information you include or leave out, and make sure that the resume is tailored to the job for which you are applying.

Cover letters are your chance to go into detail about the information on your resume and explain to potential employers how your skills fit their needs. It is very important to read job descriptions thoroughly before writing your cover letter, and to continuously re-check the description to make sure you are covering all of the requirements.

The resources on this page will help you organize your cover letters and resumes, and give you tips for knowing which information to include, and what is best left out.

The Job Seeker: Job Application

This short segment from The Job Seeker: Do You Have What It Takes? focuses on the creation of your cover letter and resume. It discuses what you should include and how it should be written.

The Ideal Resume

One of the most difficult tasks job-seekers face is putting together an impressive resume. This program shows how to do it by highlighting the best of the job applicant’s achievements, skills, and abilities, whether they are first-time job-seekers or established professionals. Topics include the purpose of the resume; various styles; what information to include and what not to include; what will likely catch an employer’s eye; and how to write an effective cover letter. Electronic resumes—how and where to post them on the Internet—are also covered.

Resumes: A How-To Guide

Jeff wants to work in the information technology field. Cindy dreams of being a gourmet chef. Over the course of this program, these students learn how to write functional, chronological, combination, and newsletter-style resumes using information on their skills and experience that they identify through two exercises: Personal Inventory (to capture the “what”) and Showing Your COLORS (to uncover the “how”). Ways to get a resume in front of a decision maker’s eyes are also addressed, and insightful snippets of commentary by a career counselor and an HR professional are interspersed throughout. Engaging and informative, Resumes: A How-To Guide is an excellent introduction to resume writing for students with little or no job experience

On-Campus Help

Center for Academic Excellence - Fort Wayne

The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) provides many tutoring services, including assistance in Resume and Cover Letter Writing. Their services are available by both appointments and walk-ins. They also provide access to computers and printers to help you write and format your resumes and cover letters.

Schedule an Appointment

  • Call the Scheduling Desk at (260) 480-4262 to schedule an appointment.
  • Walk-in Tutoring is available at some locations.
  • Check hours on the CAE Website


  • Tutoring Center - HM1610 (Tutoring by Appointment)
  • Learning Lab - HM1645 (Computer Access)
  • Open Computer Lab - HM1657 (Walk-in Tutoring and Computer Access)
  • Business School Suite - CC2328 (Tutoring by Appointment)
  • Open Computer Lab - CC2308 (Computer Access)
  • Computer Lab Locations and Hours (Choose Computer Labs from the drop down menu.)

Student Success Center - Warsaw

The SSC staff consists of experienced professionals--tutors, teachers, and a librarian--with years of experience working with college students. Their goal is to help students succeed at college and in life through individualized academic support in a relaxed work environment.

Schedule an Appointment

  • Call 574-267-5428 x7242
  • Walk-in tutoring is available
  • Email warsaw-ssc@ivytech.edu
  • Email a tutor directly
  • Tutors and a schedule can be found on the SSC Website


  • Warsaw Campus, Room 242

Career Development

The Career Development Office is also available to help you write and develop your resume and cover letter.

Check Out Career Services Resources

Schedule an Appointment

  • Fort Wayne/Warsaw Career Development is located in HM 1102
  • Call 260-481-2282 to set up an appointment

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