Employment Resources - Fort Wayne

Career Exploration and Assessments

This page is full of information for career exploration. The resources here are things that you can use on your own to find careers that fit your interests, skills, abilities, or background. Remember that these are suggestions, not commands, and you can always go into a career that is different from what an assessment says would be good for you.

For more accurate assessments, you should visit Career Development in Harshman Hall, Room 1102, on the Fort Wayne North Campus. They have professionals who can help you evaluate and interpret your results.

Before You Apply: Job and Skills Evaluation

School is over and it’s time to go out and get your dream job—but what is that, exactly? Determining a career choice, or a career path, is one of the hardest things to do in life. This video helps new graduates and beginning job seekers clarify their professional goals and find jobs that fit their skills, passions, priorities, and long-term plans. Viewers learn how to use assessment tests—focusing on values, interests, or aptitude and achievement—to identify strengths and challenges; how to make the most of occupational classification systems that describe industries and labor markets in detail; how to obtain references and letters of recommendation that underscore past experience and future potential; and how to explore job training options, whether they involve on-the-job instruction, further academic coursework, or a combination of both.

Effective Job Search for People with Disabilities

For anyone who thinks “disabled” means “unemployable,” this video quickly dispels that myth and shows how to begin the job-hunting process by identifying skills, strengths, and interests. Viewers are provided with a basic explanation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and its guarantees of equal opportunity, as well as an overview of the kinds of companies and organizations that often take the lead in hiring disabled applicants. Other major topics include creating a self-assessment or profile of talents and abilities, setting up informational interviews, developing online and personal networks, and examining the possibilities of self-employment.

Jobs for Various Backgrounds