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In some fields, you may want to create a portfolio to take to an interview. A portfolio has the unique ability to show your interviewer examples of your previous works.

The Library has several materials to help you create a portfolio.Computer

Tools and Resources

  • Library computers are available with Microsoft Word and Publisher to help you design your portfolio
  • B&W and Color Printing
  • Paper cutter and 3-hole punch
  • Paper clips and staples

General Portfolios

The Career Portfolio

Emma and Lucy are high school seniors interested in a career in fashion. Their credentials are very similar, and when the two apply for the same retail fashion job and Lucy wins out, it’s her career portfolio that sets her apart from Emma. But what exactly is a career portfolio? How is one created, and how precisely does it fit into the job application process? This video tells all, as it explains the difference between specific and general skills, types of documents to include that illustrate those skills, and how to make use of the portfolio at an interview. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online.

Online Portfolios

Portfolios aren't always a physical item to take to interviews. You can also have online e-portfolios with a web address to include on your resume or application. Here are some tips on web design to make your online portfolio look its best.

Website Design

Wordpress Guides


These websites are places where you can build and host an e-portfolio. (Note: Some of these sites are free and others require a subscription.)

For Specific Fields