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Networking can be extremely useful when searching for a new job. You can use social networking (both online and in person) to make connections with people in positions to hire you! Creating an online presence in today's digital world can be very important in increasing your exposure and visibility to new markets.

E-networking for Jobs

The business world has all but done away with paper communication, and the day may come when face-to-face contact and even telephone calls are things of the professional past. How has this tidal wave of change shaped networking and career building? And although the digital approach is the way of the future, is it more than old-fashioned squeamishness to worry about new online dangers during a job search? This program explores the benefits of e-networking and the precautions we should all take to ensure that our online identities accurately reflect who we are and effectively assist us in making connections, forming relationships, acquiring knowledge, and demonstrating skills.

Getting The Job: Job Search and Networking

After a job seeker has decided what industries and positions to target, and after he or she has created a stellar resume and work sample presentation, it’s time to start the hunt. This program helps viewers make that leap of faith and fortitude with down-to-earth advice on where to look, who to talk to, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Viewers learn how to sift through online employment resources, including major Web sites like Monster.com as well as more niche-oriented sites; how to read between the lines when scanning and analyzing job postings; how to capitalize on job fairs, employment agencies, and on-campus interviewing; and how to access the “hidden” market of jobs that aren’t advertised. The latter topic segues smoothly into an intensive look at networking—exploring the difference between formal and informal networking and the best strategies for managing and mining a professional network.

Books about Networking