Using Skillsoft Books

Skillsoft is a database with hundreds of thousands of books, videos, and presentations on business, computer science, and technology. 

To use Skillsoft Books

This resource can be accessed through the links below or through the Library website by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to MyIvy and open the Library tab to access the Library website.
  2. In the Search & Find section, select Books.
  3. Click Skillsoft Books. If you have not already logged in to MyIvy, that login screen will open now, and then the home page for Skillsoft Books.

Finding Skillsoft books on your topic

You can browse the preset topics list, perform keyword searches, and save resources to folders

Features inside Skillsoft Books

Once you have "launched" a book, you can add notes, make bookmarks, and perform other actions using the icons at the top of the viewing pane. You must select some text using your cursor to add a note or bookmark.

The viewing pane of a Skillsoft Book