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Library Information Guide - Fort Wayne

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints provides statistics, articles, images, websites, and essays on a wide variety of controversial social issues.

To use Opposing Viewpoints

This resource can be accessed through the links below or through the Library website by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to MyIvy and open the Library tab to access the Library website.
  2. Click the green A-Z Resources button.
  3. Click Opposing Viewpoints in the alphabetized list of databases.

Finding a Topic

Opposing Viewpoints has several methods for finding resources, including both browsing and searching for topics.

Browse by Topic

Browse by topic by clicking one of the links under the subject categories, or choose View All to see a complete list of topics in that subject area.

Search for a Topic

Search for a specific topic by typing relevant keywords into the search box.

The Opposing Viewpoints Homepage

This screenshot highlights the above features.

Browse Results List

A list of articles, statistics, websites, book chapters, images, and other sources will appear. Click a link to open the source.

Notice the On This Page box at the right side of the screenshot below. It lists several different types of sources you can access, including Academic Journals (with scholarly articles) and Primary Sources, two types of sources many students need to find for their assignments.

Display Source

You can now view, print and email the source.