Library Information Guide - Fort Wayne

Business Search Complete (search for articles in specific publications))

When searching for articles in Business Source Complete (INSPIRE-EBSCO), you can exercise the following search strategies, depending on your needs:


(use searching if you have specific topic in mind, such as “artificial intelligence”)

Log into MyIvy and click on the Library link.

In the left-hand menu click on A-Z link under Search & Find.

Choose “Business Source Complete (INSPIRE-EBSCO)”.

Click on Publications link in the top menu.

Under All Publications tab browse for as many publications as you wish to search in, for example:

  1. “Bloomberg Businessweek”, click Browse, then check “Bloomberg Businessweek” and “”, and Add to search
  2. “Harvard Business Review”, click Browse, then check “Harvard Business Review” and “Harvard Business Review Digital Articles”, and Add to search
  3. “Forbes”, click Browse, check “Forbes” and “”, and Add to search
  4. “Fortune”, click Browse, check “Fortune” and “”, and Add to search

Your search box should look like this:

Click blue Search button.

In the second search field type your topic, such as “artificial intelligence”.

Click Search.

Once your search results are displayed, check Full Text under Limit Your Results.

Also, adjust Published Date to one year prior to your assignment date.


(use browsing if you don’t have a topic and just want to see what is available)

On the Library’s homepage click on Publication Finder link.

Type the name of the publication you wish to browse in the search field, such as “Bloomberg Businessweek”.

Click Search.

To browse specific issues, expand Check for Full Text Access link, and click on the database that has access to your publication.


In the left hand menu, you will see volumes listed by year.

Click on a plus sign to expand and see issues included.

Clicking on a specific issue will show you the list of articles published in it.