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Library Information Guide - Fort Wayne


EBSCOhost has multiple databases containing books, journals, magazines, and newspapers and more on almost any topic.

To use EBSCOhost

This resource can be accessed through the links below or through the Library website by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to MyIvy and click on the Library at the left side of the screen to access the Library website.
  2. Underneath the Start with Discover! box, click on A-Z Resources.
  3. Click EBSCOhost in the alphabetical list.


Choosing Databases

Choose Databases ChecklistClick the box left of the database(s) appropriate for your search.

EBSCOhost provides access to a variety of different databases. This page gives you titles and short descriptions for each of the databases IvyTech students can access.

Only three of the listed databases are selected by default - you'll need to select the others you would like to search by clicking the checkbox next to the title.

Many of the unselected databases are subject-oriented - for example, there are several medical, business, and psychology focused databases. Choose ones that are relevant to your subject.

You can add or remove databases from your search later by clicking "Choose Databases" above the search box.

Click the Continue button.

Search Selected Databases

Use the Search Options below the search box to narrow your search by date of publication, number of pages, full text, etc. as illustrated below. You can change these options later if you do not get the results you need.

Enter search terms into the search box and click the Search button.

Ebsco Search Options

You may wish to leave "Full Text" unchecked and retrieve articles to which we might not have full text access. Some of the articles might be available in a different IvyTech database, or, if you are doing your research early enough, you'll have time to request those articles through Inter-Library Loan.

Browse Results List

After clicking the Search button, a list of the articles that match your search terms will appear.

Ebsco Search Results

Display Article

Click the title of an article to view more information about it and access the full text of the article.

Ebsco Detailed Record

Video Tutorials

EBSCO's Support Team has provided several great video tutorials for their products.

If the video is not displaying correctly, please click here to view the video on YouTube.

View more Tutorial Videos on the EBSCO Tutorials Channel.