Library Information Guide - Fort Wayne

Words to Know

An alphabetized list of outside sources used in your assignment, which is usually provided on a separate page at the end of your paper. The entry for each source usually includes the author's name, title of work, publication date, and other details so that the source can be easily identified and located by your reader. In MLA format, the bibliography is called a Works Cited page; in APA format, it's called a References page.
Annotated Bibliography
A bibliography that includes additional information about the source under each entry.
A reference to an outside source used in your assignment. Citations include entries in the bibliography that list sources as a whole, as well as in-text citations which can indicate to the reader which specific part of the source was used (page number, paragraph number, etc.).
In-text citation
An indication inside the text of your assignment as to which of the sources listed in the bibliography was used in a particular passage. It may also be called a parenthetical reference, because the citation may include a brief reference to the first part of the bibliography entry in parentheses at the end of the sentence or passage. Both MLA and APA format prescribe the contents and formatting of the in-text citation.
Using information from other sources in your own work without properly citing them both in-text and in a bibliogrpahy.


The Ivy Tech Library has several copies of the official manuals for citing sources in both MLA and APA style, as well as several other guides and quick reference books. Many of these can be checked out, but some have reference copies which must stay in the library. Below are a few citation guides the library owns. Click on the links to find these guides in the library.